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MensajePublicado: Vie Sep 01, 2006 9:44 pm    Título del mensaje: Epson New Display Provides Broader Vistas Responder citando

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Epson New Display Provides Broader Vistas

The new high-resolution displays featuring Photo Fine Vistarich technology draw on Sanyo Epson's innovative use of alignment film and liquid crystal materials to produce crisp, beautiful images even when viewed from a sharp angle—up to 180 degrees from the top, bottom, left, and right—with hardly any changes in contrast or color.

They thus promise to provide a clear picture for viewers of in-car entertainment systems even when they are not sitting directly in front of the screen. Digital camera users will also be able to preview the images they are shooting in true to-life colors while holding the camera above their heads, and users of multifunction mobile devices will be able to enjoy moving pictures, such as movies and sports broadcasts, from virtually any angle.

The wide viewing angle, combined with Sanyo Epson's low-voltage, energy saving design and slim modules, has attracted considerable attention from manufacturers worldwide. In Japan, the new display dovetails perfectly with the launch of a terrestrial digital broadcasting service enabling TV programs to be viewed on mobile phones.

Behind Photo Fine Vistarich's broad viewing angle is advanced technology that gives contrast ratios of over 100:1 from ±80 degrees (500:1 when viewed head on). This leads to outstanding image quality compared to conventional LCDs, whose contrast ratios from ±80 degrees are usually only about 10:1.

This new technology is not all that sets Photo Fine Vistarich apart, though. Unlike the wide-angle displays of other manufacturers, it is built with electrodes both above and below the insulator, enabling the movement of liquid crystal molecules in horizontal directions to achieve high aperture ratios. This not only means there is no change in color when the display is viewed at a sharp angle but also results in energy savings through reduced backlighting and lower voltage requirements.

In addition, it enables modules to be made slimmer and more compact, permitting the display to be used in a variety of applications—from mobile phones and digital cameras, to car navigation systems, rear-seat entertainment consoles, and multimedia players—with zero or minimal modifications. Photo Fine Vistarich also features near-constant gray-to gray response times, resulting in clear, uniform images, which are ideal for reproducing fast-moving images, such as in sports broadcasts.

"Most of the other companies that make wide-angle displays focus on medium- to large-sized LCDs," comments Masakatsu Higa, manager of the Element Development Department. "With such screens, there's no need to aim for the super-high definition that we've achieved with Vistarich; the pixels can be fairly large, and this won't detract significantly from the viewing experience. Moreover, you wouldn't be concerned about minute savings in physical dimensions and power consumption when manufacturing a wide-screen TV monitor, for instance. But when you're dealing with displays for mobile devices that run on batteries, every fraction of a millimeter or milliwatt saved has a very big effect."

Volume production of Photo Fine Vistarich displays is scheduled to commence in the last quarter of 2006. Sanyo Epson produced samples in five sizes (2.4-inch, 2.5-inch, 2.8-inch, 7.0-inch, and 10.1-inch) for the May press announcement, some of which were publicly exhibited for the first time at an automotive engineering trade fair in Yokohama, Japan, in May 2006.


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